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A client from Canada, a commercial linen supplier, wanted to establish an E-commerce store to expand their business reach and increase sales. They offered a wide range of linen products to hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other businesses in the hospitality and healthcare industries. The client faced several challenges during the process, but with effective solutions, they were able to overcome them and achieve success. After discussing their requirements and analyzing various options, we decided to develop the website using the Magento platform.



Magento, Hyvä, Jquery


Textile, E-commerce



The Challenge

Our Solution

Product Catalog Management: The client had a large inventory with numerous product variations, including different sizes, colors, and materials. Managing and organizing this extensive product catalog was a significant challenge. It was crucial to ensure accurate and up-to-date information to prevent customer dissatisfaction and order errors.
We implemented a robust product information management (PIM) system. The PIM system streamlined the product catalog, allowing for easy categorization, attribute management, and updates. It ensured that the product information displayed on the website was accurate and consistent, reducing errors and enhancing the customer experience.
Inventory and Warehouse Management: Tracking inventory levels across multiple warehouses was complex for the client. They needed a solution that would provide real-time inventory visibility, prevent stockouts, and automate reordering to maintain optimal stock levels.
The client integrated their e-commerce store with an inventory management system (IMS). The IMS tracked inventory levels across warehouses, automatically updating stock availability on the website. It also generated reorder alerts based on predefined thresholds, enabling timely restocking. With this solution, the client reduced stockouts, improved order fulfillment, and enhanced customer satisfaction.
Order Processing and Fulfillment: The client faced challenges in streamlining their order processing and fulfillment workflows. Manually managing orders, tracking their status, and coordinating with fulfillment teams led to delays, errors, and increased customer complaints.
We implemented an order management system (OMS) to automate and streamline their order processing. The OMS consolidated orders from various channels, provided real-time order status updates to customers, and integrated with the fulfillment process. This integration improved order accuracy, reduced processing time, and enhanced communication with customers regarding order updates and tracking.
Customer Personalization and Experience: The client wanted to provide a personalized experience to their customers by offering tailored recommendations based on their preferences and previous purchases. However, implementing an effective personalization strategy was a challenge due to the diverse customer base and complex product offerings.
We integrated a customer relationship management (CRM) system with their e-commerce store. The CRM system captured and analyzed customer data, enabling personalized recommendations and targeted marketing campaigns. By understanding customer preferences and behavior, the client improved customer engagement, loyalty, and overall satisfaction.
Logistics and Shipping: The client struggled with optimizing their shipping processes, negotiating competitive rates with carriers, and providing accurate shipping cost estimates to customers.
The client partnered with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) to handle their shipping and fulfillment operations. The 3PL offered expertise in negotiating shipping rates, optimizing routes, and managing returns.


By optimizing its website, implementing a robust digital marketing strategy, automating order management processes, and prioritizing customer engagement, this Commercial Linen E-commerce store overcame obstacles, achieved higher customer satisfaction, and positioned itself as a reputable brand in the commercial linen industry.
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