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Engagement Models

Our aim at developing long-term relationships with our clients and thus, offer best solutions through our attentive and clearly defined services. We offer several engagement models and you can choose any or a blend of these models as per your requirements. We understand that every project has its own requirements and our different engagements models are designed to maximize your satisfaction while reducing the costs.

We have an energetic team of experts and professionals who can research, enhance and make the application look and perform the best. Employing some of the leading experts in software development, and risk analysis.

WebCreta Technologies is uniquely positioned to innovation in the industry. The Company has developed projects that are economical and qualitative.

Fixed Price Model

The fixed price model is ideal for small-scale, less in complexity and medium sized projects, where prerequisites, details, and schedules will be predetermined before start of the project development. Along with the time and cost, the main objectives and deliverables for the project are also pre-defined. Such a pre-determination not only ensures on-budget and on-time delivery but also maintains good relations between both the parties.

clear and well-defined scope

Reduce overall Time due to pre-defined Requirement

Quality Solutions within Fixed Price

Billing in this model is done on the basis of the defined milestones

No external dependencies and this makes the project straightforward

Greater Business Analysis of Your business and Appropriate Suggestions

Hourly Based Model

The hourly price model is suitable for the projects that do not have a well-defined scope, lengthy in Duration, unclear Specifications, requirements and implementation plans or which are assumed to undergo changes during any phase of the project development process. It is a pay-per-use model where the cost of the project depends on the time spent and resources utilized. And the payment in this model is done on an hourly basis.

Works perfectly for all-type all-size projects

Daily Project work Reports to maintain Timeline

Flexible options to improve cost optimization and refresh team

No need of final requirements, development process starts earlier

Chance to pay in parts and only for the completed work

Effective Communication smooths Workflow and low risk for both parties

Dedicated Hiring Model

Dedicated Team, which interviewed and approved by you will work on your project.  Dedicated Team is a plan of action where customer and outsource supplier commonly concede to the workload and projects prerequisites for the predefined measure of time and outsource organization gives IT experts that suit customers requests and will completely focus just on undertakings for one organization at once. This model involves when you want to hire a Development team for your project without care about any hardware/software or salaries.

Skilled Professional Team will work for your Project

Completely unsurprising expenses and spending control

Flexibility to select and control team members of your project

Business Solutions For Everybody

Webcreta Technologies, we know that you are looking for people who can understand your problems completely and responsibly create intelligent IT solutions. Whether it is your customers, your suppliers, your partners or your employees, we understand that your aim is to make life simpler for each one of them and we need to enable you do so.

We believe, that it is not about us but about you and your business and our job is to employ technology to run your business better.We have a team of motivated solutions providers who have vast experience in their respective field who offers you the best possibles solutions.