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A client from the USA approached us to build an online Furniture & Lighting E-commerce store. They offered a wide range of furniture products, including sofas, tables, chairs, and lighting fixtures. They wanted to experience the beauty of simplicity and sophistication with their collection of furniture and lighting for their customers. After discussing their requirements and analyzing various options, we decided to develop the website using the Magento platform.



Magento, Jquery, MySQL


E-commerce, Furniture, Lighting



The Challenge

Our Solution

Product Visualization: Furniture and lighting products require accurate visualization to help customers make informed purchasing decisions. The client struggled with showcasing their products online in a way that accurately represented their design, color, and texture, leading to customer dissatisfaction and returns.
We implemented a 360-degree product visualization feature on their e-commerce store. This feature allowed customers to view the products from multiple angles, zoom in for close-ups, and examine details. Additionally, high-quality product images and videos were used to provide an accurate representation of colors, textures, and finishes. This solution improved the customer experience, reduced returns, and increased customer confidence in their purchase decisions.
Complex Shipping and Delivery: Furniture and lighting products are typically large, bulky, and fragile, requiring specialized handling and careful delivery. The client faced challenges in coordinating shipping logistics, managing oversized packages, and ensuring safe and timely delivery to customers.
We helped client to partnered with specialized furniture delivery companies and integrated their services into the e-commerce store. These delivery companies had expertise in handling and shipping oversized furniture and lighting items. Integration with the delivery companies' systems allowed customers to track their shipments and receive real-time updates. This solution improved shipping efficiency, reduced damage during transit, and enhanced customer satisfaction.
Product Information and Specifications: Furniture and lighting products often have multiple variations, including different sizes, materials, and finishes. Managing and presenting accurate product information and specifications was a challenge for the client, leading to confusion and customer inquiries.
We implemented a robust product information management (PIM) system that centralized and organized product data. The PIM system allowed for easy creation and management of product variations, ensuring accurate information and specifications were displayed on the e-commerce store. Detailed product descriptions, dimensions, materials, and available finishes were provided, minimizing customer confusion and reducing inquiries. This solution improved the customer experience, reduced customer support workload, and increased conversions.
Return and Refund Management: Dealing with returns and processing refunds for furniture and lighting products posed challenges for the client. Coordinating return pickups, inspecting returned items, and issuing refunds in a timely manner required a streamlined process.
We implemented a return management system (RMS) that automated and centralized the return and refund process. The RMS allowed customers to initiate returns through the e-commerce store, generated return labels, and provided clear instructions for packaging and pickup. Upon receiving the returned items, the RMS facilitated quality inspections, ensuring that items were in a resalable condition. Refunds were processed promptly and communicated to customers. This solution improved return handling efficiency, reduced manual work, and enhanced customer satisfaction.


By addressing the challenges and implementing effective solutions, this furniture and lighting e-commerce store successfully overcame various challenges by implementing effective solutions. The integration of a 360-degree product visualization feature allowed customers to have a comprehensive view of the products, improving their purchasing decisions and reducing returns. Partnering with specialized furniture delivery companies ensured safe and timely delivery of bulky and fragile items, enhancing customer satisfaction.
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