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10 Question To Ask Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in 2021


The world of web marketing is evolving constantly and respectively the customer preferences are changing also, it is influencing every aspect of our lives affirmatively.

You know that when hiring a digital marketing agency, you need to do your research and also ask all the right questions. How exactly do you choose who to hire? Does your marketing translate into real business growth?

If you are looking to hire a digital marketer in Los Angeles the choices are plenty since the number of digital marketing service providers is growing regularly. Finding the correct decision is too much hard and in order to avoid mistakes we’ve gathered a list of the question to ask before hiring any digital marketing agency in 2021.

1) What is your Digital Marketing Process?

This is a most important question that they have a big answer. First, find out more about digital marketing process your agency plans to apply for presenting your company over the internet. This should be a series of steps and marketing methods used to increase the traffic of your website and grow your business online.

If their answer will give you a feel for the kind of experience they have then go for them and how organized they are in their work.  Ask other follow-up questions to dig down into how they approach the different areas of digital marketing you need help with. What’s their process or steps for blogging, email marketing and lead generation?

2) Who will be on the team working for us?

One of the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency is trusting that they will have employees with specialized skill sets to bring to your digital marketing campaigns. Instead of trying to find a specialist that work from home, you can lean on their full staff of specialists.

Ask them how they work on your account and will be divided: Who will be in charge of what, and how does their experience match what they’ll be assigned to?

3) Can you show me evidence or successful examples of your work?

Before taking a chance on a digital marketing company, look for evidence of their successful relationships with other customers in the form of case studies and testimonials. Does their digital marketing system actually work in helping clients to reach their goals properly? They grow up their client business? Digital marketing usually leaves a clear trail of evidence. So every agency you consider should have good examples of their work.

4) How do you optimize our paid search campaigns?

You’ll definitely know about how’s agency optimize your paid search campaigns. If your agency has a Google Partner Badge, it means they have employees who are certified in Google AdWords and have good experience in it. The agency you are interviewing might use paid search tools that would be too expensive for you to bring in-house. Your agency should be transparent about how they are spending your ad dollars.

5) What’s the Budget?

It’s like an obvious question, you can’t make a decision without knowing the cost of each agency.  The return on investment is one of the major concerns of any company small or big company. Ask each agency to describe, in clear terms that what their monthly rate includes.

You should hire a digital marketing consultant who charges a considerable price. That way you can deduce that they are good are good at what they do. Also, It is advisable to start with less investment so that you do not fall flat on your face if the agency doesn’t work well for you.

6) What metrics will you report on and how?

Be certain the digital marketing company you use is not just going to take your money and doesn’t work well for you. Your marketing company should have no problem reporting the numbers, sales figures and progress of your efforts to find more customers. They should also be able to give you the real facts when it comes to your company’s goals in relation to the intended results.

7) What Project Management Tools do you Use?

Now you are aware of what they do and what are their offerings, the next step is to know-how. The kind of tools that they will be using, will that get you enough reach, how will that help you grow your business. For example, different software tools help in different functionality like managing projects, tracking the people, making reports and so on. Not all tools and software are created equally and do the same work. It streamlines the communication process between the team and clients that which is important because you want your agency to be using your budget for actual marketing work and not 50% project management.

8) What can you do to help our company reach new goals?

You are investing in digital marketing to grow your business online. Therefore you need to know how the agency plans its strategy to reach your business to a new level. If the potential agency doesn’t give a satisfying answer then go one that gives you a straight answer such as, “ We are going to manage your website in that way so you can get more traffic. We grow up your business through social media profiles, content marketing etc.” We are also going to build your sales system.

9) What makes you different from other digital marketing companies?

Look into the extent that what your digital marketing program entails.  Are you getting a website, web development/maintenance, social media management, content marketing, email marketing and sales analysis? What type of methodology does your agency use for online marketing and what is your account manager responsible for reporting like the format of a report?
Give them the chance to pitch you on why they are special and what they do better than everyone else.

10) Why are you right for me?

A digital marketing agency could consistently do stellar work and still not be the one that’s right for your company.  You don’t need just a good digital marketing agency; you need one that’s good for you.

Give them a chance to explain why they are better for you. If they have been doing a good job during asking your question, they’ll have gathered plenty of information about what your company does, what you’re looking for, and what your goals are by this point.

Digital Marketing is a long process. To get the result you want, then you have to establish a long, productive relationship with your digital marketing agency.

Are you happy with the answer of these question by Agency? Then go for that agency. And don’t forget WebCreta offers all the services described above.  

Whether you are a digital marketing service provider or just looking to hire a Digital Marketer in Los Angeles, you need to be aware of some important factors, to avoid losing customers or even money.

Contact us to learn more. Follow our advice and you are already heading in the right direction!