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Top 5 Tips for Ranking in Google’s Featured Snippets

top 5 tips for ranking in google

According to Ahrefs’ Study Of 2 Million Featured Snippets found that for the SERPs with them, 8.6% of all clicks go to the featured snippet. Furthermore, the study found that ~13% of all search results now return a featured snippet.


queries with features snippets

Featured snippets take organic traffic from other search results, including the content ranking in the first position.

If your features snippet land on the first position then you could be getting over 28% of the clicks. (i.e. nearly a third of the potential organic traffic for a given search term)

If you don’t rank on top position, but still manage to land a featured snippet you can exponentially increase organic traffic (i.e. pages ranking outside the top 3 positions would be getting single digit CTRs, so you could effectively 2-3x the traffic potential).

site by featured snippetsHere, I will explain some brief description of Feature snippet.

Let’s start from Types of Features Snippet: Features Snippet falls into one of three formats.

  • the paragraph
  • The list(Numbers & Bullet points) 
  • Table snippet


Peoples usually confused between Featured snippets and Rich Snippets. Don’t be confused with Rich Snippets, Instant Answers or Knowledge Graphs.

The distinction lies in between them. Featured snippets are the only results that include source links and pull answers from the top search results. A rich snippet enhances an organic search result, and often slightly expands result.

Paragraph snippet :

Paragraph snippet

For the Paragraph Feature snippet, We need rich text o the webpage

for the related search query. 

You’ll see paragraph snippets for questions like:

  • Why is…
  • What is…
  • How to do/get…
  • Who is…

The Numbered List Featured Snippet

These featured snippets often list out steps that explain how to do something, such as strategies and recipes.

number features list

  • How to…
  • recipes
  • DIY tasks
  • How do I…


The Bulleted List Featured Snippet

Strategies and Guidelines are made for these types of featured snippets.

bullet list featues

The Table Featured Snippet:

Table snippets are doesn’t just extract the information and eject it out the way it’s formatted – it can pick the specific information the user is searching for, and recreate its table, as in the example below.

 I searched for “2016 car sales by brand ” Google show what I needed and created its table listing the aggregate numbers by the brand for 2016.

table featues snippet

Featured snippet tables can also be more than one column, so don’t feel limited by the amount of information you show.

You’ll see table featured snippets for:

  • Pricing
  • Rates
  • Data
  • Lists


How to Generating Featured Snippet :


     1. Add a “how-to” section to your website OR Blog Title

  • featured snippets are such a great opportunity to attract website traffic and gain new leads, it’s a smart idea to redesign your site in a way that lets you optimize “how-to” content.
  • Some websites are creating entire sections on their sites that are specifically for giving answers to their readers’ questions.

     2. Write Content In Proper Format: 

  • Format your page using basic HTML tags so Google can scan it better.
  •  This means <h2> and <h3> tags for the questions.
  •  Bullet points, <p> paragraph tags for the text.
  •  <ol> or <ul> and <li> for the list items.

     3. Add high-quality images and video:

  • Usually, people love to learn by visual elements, which is why High-quality photos and videos can help you rank for featured snippets.
  • Like an Infographics image which is a quicker way to learn anything new, additionally, it saves time.
  • Nowadays people do not so book warm, Try to learn things using video.
  • create a voice transcript for all of your videos. Google will recognize the text and might choose it for a featured snippet.
  • You should also make sure that your video content is high quality.    

     4.Utilize Google to reveal snippet opportunities :

  • One of the best methods to find snippets that you can optimize content is to think the same your audience. What questions are people seeking to find answers for?

       5. What’s Good About Long Tail?

  • Generally, long-tail keywords can be challenging to optimize. Google’s said that 15% of search queries are new. New search queries are the long tail. How does one optimize for a keyword that’s never been seen before? You don’t. But one should not necessarily write off 15% of all search queries for any given topic. There may be money in those search queries. So how do you optimize for long-tail queries, particularly those that have never been seen before?

     The only way, in my view, is to create long-tail keywords content with these four qualities:

  1. Answer the question, meet the needs of the search query.
  2. Avoid ambiguity
  3. Avoid going off-topic
  4. Be precise

    For instance, put yourself in the shoes of someone who is new to marketing and may not understand some general terms. There are a whole lot of terms and acronyms in the marketing world that can be intimidating and complicated to people who aren’t familiar with them.