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Magento 2.4.3 Release and Updates – Everything You Need to Know


Magento 2.4.3 was released and now the term is such a hot topic. This brings so many exciting new features and important fixes. But what is that? If you are curious but at the same time, too lazy to sit down with the epic Release Note, then, this post is for you. We have gathered some must-know facts about Magento 2.4.3.

Key Highlighters in Magento-2.4.3
⦁ 33 Security issues resolved
⦁ Expansion of reCAPTCHA
⦁ Built-in rate limiting
⦁ New composer plugin
⦁ Infrastructure updates
⦁ Support PayPal Pay Later
⦁ Upgraded core composer dependencies
⦁ Upgraded third-party libraries
⦁ Live Search
⦁ GraphQL API expansion
⦁ Magento B2B version 1.3.2

Substantial Security Enhancements-
⦁ The new release includes 33 security fixes and platform security improvements that support close remote code execution (RCE) and cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities.
⦁ A new composer plugin will be available with Adobe Commerce 2.4.3 release package to minimize a security vulnerability known as dependency confusion
⦁ Rate limiting is now built-in to Magento APIs to stop denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.
⦁ reCAPTCHA coverage has been extended with the new Magento 2.4.3.
⦁ Infrastructure Improvements
⦁ The quality of the framework has been improved with the enhancements in the following functional areas:

Customer Account-
⦁ Catalogue
⦁ Import/Export
⦁ Promotions and Targeting
⦁ Cart and Checkout
⦁ B2B
⦁ Staging and Preview

Platform Enhancements-
⦁ Core Composer dependencies and third-party libraries will be compatible with PHP 8.x.
⦁ The KnockoutJS library is upgraded to v3.5.1.
⦁ TinyMCE v3 library is removed.
⦁ Magento 2.4.3 will be compatible with Redis 6.0.12.
⦁ Laminas library dependencies will be compatible with PHP 8.x.

Performance Enhancements-
⦁ The improvements decrease indexation time for Product Price and Catalog Rule indexers.
⦁ Magento merchants will now be able to eliminate a website for a specific customer group.
⦁ With this, the number of indexing records is reduced and indexing time can be improved.

⦁ Magento 2.4.3 release will add the coverage of GraphQL to shared routes.
⦁ Routing requests on the product, category, and CMS pages will be supported by route query and RoutableInterface.
⦁ The functionality of the URL resolver query has been replaced by a route query.

⦁ Shared catalogues
⦁ Wish lists – adds items from specified wishlist to cart
⦁ Gift registries –
⦁ Search by email, type, or ID
⦁ Create, delete or update gift registries
⦁ Update or remove items from a gift registry.
⦁ Move all items from the cart to the gift registry.
⦁ Add, update, or remove registrants from a gift registry.
⦁ Share a gift registry with invitees.
⦁ Negotiable quotes
⦁ Shared routes

⦁ CAPTCHA validates the shopper’s data
⦁ CAPTCHA works as expected on the checkout and payment page.
⦁ After the number of failed attempts, the CAPTCHA field is displayed as required.

⦁ The latest version of Magento B2B is released along with Magento 2.4.3 with the following features added.
⦁ Successfully sends emails on soon-to-expire and expired negotiable quotes.
⦁ Company users can now edit and update customer custom attribute values.
⦁ Administrators with restricted accounts that include only website-level privileges can now create a company that uses a different currency than the website.

Page Builder-
⦁ Page Builder is now available as a bundled extension in Magento Open Source. It is now the default content editing tool for Adobe Commerce 2.4.3 and Magento Open Source 2.4.3. It can replace the WYSIWG editor with any third-party module.
⦁ Page Builder replaces the TinyMCE editor in the following Admin areas:
i. CMS Page
ii. CMS Block
iii. Category Description
iv. Product Description

Installation, upgrade, deployment-
The bin/Magento setup:db:status command now returns a message indicating that everything is up-to-date after a successful upgrade. Previously, Magento displayed this error: Declarative Schema is not up to date.

⦁ The generated System report (System > Support > System Report) is now rendered correctly. Previously, report content was misaligned.
⦁ Magento now turns off validation on the Price field as expected when the Dynamic price setting is enabled during bundle product creation. Previously, Magento threw a validation error when you removed a value from the Price field when the Dynamic price setting was enabled.
⦁ Magento no longer throws an error when an administrator with restricted permissions adds a Product widget to a CMS page in the Admin. Previously, Magento threw this error when the administrator clicked the Save button: We are sorry, an error has occurred while generating the content.

Configurable products-
⦁ Magento no longer duplicates product thumbnails in a product’s image gallery when you click on a product’s configurable options.
⦁ The configuration pop-up that Magento displays when you are editing a configurable product from a wish list now closes as expected when you click the OK button.

⦁ The password reset link on the Admin reset password page now works as expected. Previously, when a custom template was used for the reset admin password page, Magento displayed this message when an administrator clicked the link inside the email: Your password reset link has expired. This occurred because the custom email template contained the wrong variable for the user ID.
⦁ Sending customer emails from the Admin now works properly when enabled at the store-view level. Previously, Magento did not send customer emails when email notification settings were enabled at the store-view level but not the global level.

Payment Integration-
PayPal Pay Later-
This feature allows shoppers to pay for an order in bi-weekly instalments, instead of paying the full amount at the time of purchase.


Amazon Pay-
The Amazon Pay integration was deprecated and it will be removed in a later Magento 2.4.x release. Magento 2.4.3 and higher will contain only updates for compatibility and fixes for major bugs.

⦁ Stronger Security
⦁ Infrastructure Improvements
⦁ Performance Improvements
⦁ Latest PWA Studio Version 7.0.0
⦁ Better Inventory Management