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Top 5 Magento Trends 2019 That You Need to Know

Magento Trends 2019

U.S reports of 2018 show that online shopping continues to be in the rise. Magento will be a leading choice for eCommerce in 2019. Magento eCommerce development has always been helping businesses to meet various challenges on boosting online sales and generating maximum revenues. Though there are various CMSs are available but Magento has offered the most flexible and impeccable ways to develop online stores.  Even when it comes to web promotion of the website using SEO strategy, Magento never fails.

In the year 2018, we get a new version of Magento. Magento 2.2.3. 2018 was about improving the conversion rates with the help of elements. To stay ahead of your competitors, you have to follow the latest Magento trends in 2019.

1. The Growth of Artificial Intelligence and High Demand of Chatbots

As the online buyer’s expectations turn toward a more personalized experience, AI becomes the necessary elements of a successful e-commerce site. Magento E-commerce is not an exception here. The way in which this technology is contributing to the overall growth of online stores, we expect to see more changes in Custom Magento development. The major aim of AI is to reach the customer in the best way possible and know about their preferences for buying

More and more e-commerce website are adopting the use of Chatbots to serve best for their customer.  Chatbots then replace humans in customer management, that is one of the star features of Magento. No matter how much it is claimed that AI and Chatbots are advancing, they are still in the budding stage. We should expect to see an increase in utilization and improvement of AI and chatbots seems to continue with Magento E-commerce in 2019 too.

2. Smart Organic Search

Intelligent auto-complete tasks, filter choices, smarter breadcrumbs, are some of the most important elements of smart searches that can be used in 2019. Having an e-commerce website is not only enough but Hire Magento Developer who can do smart user navigation and do these all things.

This will help to improve the customer’s experience and at the same time, it will engage more customers thereby helping to make additional sales. The smart search will be topping the charts in 2018 and will continue as a major E-commerce and Magento Development trends for 2019 too. Once a customer visits your site, the smart search feature needs to keep them engaged and make them deeper into the website.

3. Prioritizing Push Notifications

Web Push Notification will open up a new door of possibilities for Magento in 2019. For any established E-commerce venture, the sales should always have constant engagement with the new users and also maintain the existing ones.

The benefits of push notifications can lead to sales. As an E-commerce Store owner, you can’t wait for the user that they open the website and check the offers. Push notification is a great way to keep informed to your visitors.

Magento can provide you with the use of push notifications to keep a regular flow of special offers, send abandoned cart reminders, new product launches, business events and etc. So, while you hire Magento Developer you don’t mention that you need these feature but they will infuse it already. It can be said that push notification has become a necessity in 2018 and in the coming year 2019, it will be considered as an additional feature.

4. Creating Personalized Experiences More Important

As Magento is one of the biggest E-commerce platforms with upgraded features, The personalized experience is also in high demand. Nowadays, The E-commerce market has high competition. To beat the competition, Your website should be satisfied customer expectation. If your website is not satisfied with the expectation of customer then you are out of the race. So, one of the solutions to it is creating personalized experiences to each one. Whether the customer shopping online or offline, they should be served according to their taste.

Personalization can be anything from specific coupons, created just for certain clients, product recommendations based on preferences. It is crucial for an online store. Google is the best example of personalized data as it serves with our taste. As companies are on verge of growing their online store, they need to heavily invest in a personalized experience.

5. Go Live Video Will be User More

Live videos are one of the greatest components for E-commerce Website. Live videos effectively work better than any traditional video. Nowadays, Video marketing demand also has grown increase day by day. You may use Live videos this year on your website and adopt the same strategy for the coming year. Use this strategy even customer testimonials as quite a legit approach in order to increase sales.

2018 can be a year of video marketing and we can say that 2019 will also be on the same path towards success.


No matter whether there has a number of challenges will occur or a number of technologies are upgraded in the e-commerce market, Magento development will always find a solution. The agility and open source features of Magento allows you the businesses to adapt as well as thrive on boosting their overall online sales and even maximizing their gross margins. So, if you wish to boost your sales with quite great features, hire Magento developer. These are the top trends that you need to look out in Custom Magento development in the year 2019.