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How to create eCommerce website with limited budget.

ecommerce website

Launching an eCommerce website is definitely hard work to do. Creating an eCommerce website is quite expensive with all the details and features. Making it more and more attractive for the customers it exceeds the budget. To create a good and effective you need to have a very clear direction. When you will be trying to start the work your mind will be filled with different ideas, you will have to choose the right idea for your eCommerce which can do good for you and which can execute without any problems. This blog is being prepared for you to understand how you can make a good and effective eCommerce website on a tight budget.

To begin with, you need to invest your time and money in the process of finding the suppliers. You will also need some capital to develop your website, warehouses, for marketing your website and the most important handling the customer and deliveries.

Here are the few strategies which you can use to reduce the cost of creating an eCommerce website.


Third-Party Platform and Plugins:



As an owner of the website, you will be wanting that the website should be created from scratch so that you can keep all the features which you want to add in the website. Third-Party eCommerce platforms like Magento and Shopify are very useful in creating the eCommerce website as it creates the website in a few hours/days. As these tools are subscription-based so they do not need a lot of amounts to be spent.

The owner also tries to create a website on the WordPress platform. It’s a great platform but as per the need of the eCommerce website user needs to get installed in one click. Whereas Shopify is a platform which helps to design your products, Shipping, Connecting to the customer, etc. this makes the platform very easy to use. The alternative does not give this facility.


Drop Shipping:



Dropshipping is a business model which does not need to maintain any inventory, by this the owner saves a lot of money by not investing in any stock and storage. It will also save money by not getting a warehouse full of unsold products. By this feature, Dropshipping has gained a lot of popularity and is rising fast. The Entry of the Dropshipping model in eCommerce is very low.

In this, you can partner with the suppliers and they can ship the product from your behalf. This way when you get the order the packing and shipping directly goes to the supplier and they take care of this process and deliver it. 

DropShipping does have its own risk when the order is transferred to the suppliers can fail to deliver the order on time and for what they have paid. By this, they can damage your brand and customer trust. You can avoid this by creating the website using Shopify, which has its own in-house dropShipping tools that the owner can use to verify the suppliers. By this, the owners save a lot of money by investing in bad suppliers.


Decide products :

Decide Products


Before you launch the website the owner has to be clear what all products will be sold on the website. A little bit of creativity and you can sell the product if the product has that flair. The owner can decide if he wants to sell only his products on the site or other suppliers can also sell their own project.


Social Marketing :

Social Marketing

Ecommerce websites which are created using the third party plugin and dropshipping have very low expenses to be bare. The owner can use the other money into marketing activities. Most of the online businesses rely on search engine marketing to get the customers. 

Social media has been one of the most important and effective ways of eCommerce marketing. Nowadays the customer engagement is very high on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it helps the best to get the boost and traffic which it needs. Most of the businesses are done through this platform.