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How to Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation?

Optimize your website for Lead Generation

Driving a traffic is essential for getting visitors to your website. It’s become a big challenge Nowadays. All of us goal is Lead Generation. Your website needs more things than design.

What is Lead Generation in SEO?

In Brief, Lead Generation is the process of driving potential customers to your site. SEO enables you to reach relevant leads and guide them to your Website. SEO is not a lead generation strategy, it must work in concert with other techniques to create sales and build a business. SEO helps to bring traffic but then it is up to the other aspects of your marketing strategy to seal the deal.

Here are 5 ways to optimize your website for lead generation.

1) Create an SEO Strategy

For a Lead generation, you need an SEO Strategy. To start the process of creating a strategy for getting SEO sales leads, you’ll need to:

Know your audience :

To know your audience, keep in mind that which group of people are searching for your product or business. Who attracts from your product more? Their Age, gender, education etc. Keep in mind that all things while working on it.

Define your leads :

It’s important to benchmark your current state of a lead generation before you begin so you can track your success and determine the areas where you most need improvement. A lead conversion might be when a website visitor, visit the things. Here are some common places a business might get visitors:

  • Email Marketing: Visitor visits your site from the email. Like fill up a signup form to become an email subscriber
  • Social Media: Traffic might come from users who engage in a campaign through one of your social media profiles.
  • Third Party Website: User comes through third party website.
  • Blog Post: User comes through your highest-performing blog post.

Identify target keyword :

It is the most important part of SEO. Find the right, relevant and targeted keywords, so you can easily target audience. This data can be determined with the help of Google Adwords KeyWord Planner Tool.

  • Seeing what people are already searching for in Google Search Console
  • Using Google Analytics to see what keywords are already driving traffic to you
  • Determine How Competitive Your Niche Keyword Phrases Are

Analysis of your Keyword Ranking :

In the end, you’ll need a baseline so you can measure improvements from your organic lead generation strategy.

To find your keyword position, Go to Google Search Console, and navigate to Search Traffic » Search Analytics. Select Position and you’ll be able to see the top search queries that led to your site and the position of the page on the search results pages.

2) The Calls-to-Action

A call to action could include anything from “call us for more information” to “fill out this online form.” Calls to action may vary. You may want your visitors to subscribe, to register, to buy something etc. With calls to action everything is important: the color of your buttons and supporting elements, the language you use to describe the action.

The Landing Pages

Do you have an awesome landing page? Have you done anything in terms of landing page optimization?  According to a HubSpot survey, companies with 30+ landing pages on their website generated 7X more leads than companies with 1 to 5 landing pages.

Here are an example of a landing page that you can learn.

Use Thank you Pages

After your newly converted leads fill out a form, you should always send them to a “thank-you” page, which delivers the content you have promised on the landing page. Once visitors have submitted the form on your landing page and are taken to a thank-you page, include a link to informational content related to their purchase. This is where you bring back the navigation and direct people to other parts of your site or more offers in which they might be interested.

Along with saying thank you, be sure to include a link for your new lead to actually download the offer on your thank-you page.

3) Optimize Content

Content is the king of SEO. Content Optimization is a process in which a webpage and its content are optimized to become more attractive, useful and actionable to users.

Page name:

The page name in the content management system influences some very valuable SEO elements like the default title tags for the site, the headline, and the navigational text. Use a targeted keyword in Page name.

Title Tag:

A title tag should be your primary keyword. Title tags are displayed by browsers in the page tabs at the top of the screen and can be used as in search results pages as the blue underlined link customers click on to get to your site. Here is an example of a Page/Meta Title. Limit title tags to around 65 characters, including spaces.

Mata title in SEO

Meta description:

Similar to title tags, meta descriptions can be found in the head of the HTML for each page and do not display as regular content on the page. It can be up to 155 characters and sometimes more. Also, Google changes the length every now and then.


The headline should also be the H1 heading for the page if the templates are optimized for SEO.  Always put your targeted keyword in a headline. Whenever Google crawler comes to your webpage, it first crawl h1 tag, then H2 tag and other tags.

Link Building:

It’s no secret that link building is the most important skill in SEO. It’s no secret that link building is the most important skill in SEO. You can build link building by,  
– Make a profile in High domain authority website.
– Guest Blog
– Question – answer site
And many more ways for link building.

Active Blog:

Blogging is a marketing tactic that uses blogging to get your business more online visibility. Keep in mind the following things when do a blog posting.

  • Blog content should be unique
  • Add the blog on a regular basis
  • Short paragraphs make your content interesting
  • Use an  attractive image
  • Promote your blog on social media

Make sure your website is mobile friendly. After launching the mobile first indexing, the mobile version of your website becomes the starting point for what Google includes in their index and the baseline for how they determine rankings.

4) Presence on Social Media

If you wish to interact with your audience, being present on social media will be of great help. This creates a recall value among your target audiences. But, this will only happen after you develop a large following and learn how to give them what they really want.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus are all highly active social media networks. Social Media Profiles helps to rank in Search Engines.

5) Turn Traffic into Leads 

Turn Traffic into Leads

A good business website is not just a digital version of a static brochure of your business. It is a marketing channel for your business, almost like a version of your business that is open 24/7. For your website to serve this purpose, it needs to have lead-generating content, where visitors have the opportunity and feel the desire, to provide their contact information. Promote a product or service to them via email marketing or a follow-up phone call. For convert traffic into leads,

  • Add or improve the location of your email subscription forms.
  • Unblockable Popup Forms
  • Include Video on Your Homepage
  • Contextual Content: “the right content to the right person at the right time.”
  • Include Video on Your Homepage

Nurture Your  Leads

Lead nurturing isn’t a simple process. It involves a series of specific steps, each of which is essential to the ones that follow. Try to convert your leads into a customer.

Place leads into a workflow once they fill out a form on your landing page so they don’t forget about you, and deliver them valuable content that matches their interest. It doesn’t matter how you acquire those lead nurturing opportunities. Whether it’s through social media, search or word of mouth, you need to step out of your comfort zone and provide for, care for, take care of and attend to your lead nurturing efforts.


As you can tell, There are lots of way for a lead generation. Try each one tactic and see which one is working with your business.  It is time to take the advice above and apply it to your business website.

There are lots of digital marketing company that generate lead generation. Whether you are a digital marketing service provider or just looking to hire a Digital Marketer in Los Angeles, USA or in India, you need to be aware with some basics of lead generation strategy. Follow our advice and you are already heading in the right direction!