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8 Outstanding Tips for a Successful Content Marketing Strategy 2019

Content Marketing Strategy

A successful content marketing strategy is an essential part of success in business. Content marketing acts as the backbone of SEO as it is the king of SEO. It doesn’t matter – whether you are experienced or novice – having a content marketing plan should be the high-priority task on your to-do list. Too few marketers truly use a data-driven content marketing strategy in a proper way.

Following are 8 tips that will make your content marketing efforts incredibly successful in 2018:

1. Determine Your Target

You should clear about your goals that what exactly you wish in content marketing. Is it to increase engagement, generate leads or to improve overall brand loyalty? Before making a content marketing a plan, it is necessary that you have to clear about all these questions. Your target (s) will affect your articles and how effective you deem it to be once you start to quantify and analyze results.

2. Know Your Target Audience

Target audience analysis is an integral part of any marketing strategy. The only way to know what you should talk about in any marketing campaign is to know that for who you are talking to and for what they want to know.  Depending on the goals established, you will need to create an audience/buyer person that will guide your content.

3. Create content people love to engage with

In 2018, a successful content marketing strategy will focus on crafting interesting content people really want to love and people are attracted to read. From these, you can make an engagement to your post. Creating original content was seen as the biggest challenge for 70% of content marketers. So Make the attracted content so that people come to your post.

4. Create a Content Execution Plan

Once you have decided the kind of content you want to create and the audience you wish to target, then you need to put in place the entire process to create it. Your execution plan should be an in detail and stepwise process that help turn your idea into a finished product.

5. Call To Action

Calls to action (CTAs) are among the most ignored of content marketing components — in both curated and created content. Without a call to action, content marketing efforts more amount to little more than writing exercises. Publishing useful content is not only enough; you want readers to engage with you and take an action that will provide value for your business.  

Always use a call to action at a proper place. If you haven’t provided a call to action at a proper place then you will get zero conversion at the end.  For content marketing to work, the information you put out wants to be useful and valuable. As a result, if you’re creating a blog post, e-book, or infographic, it ought to provide real value to your reader.

6. Publish and Promote On Social Media

After successfully created great content, it’s time to publish your content to the right market. Now what?  If you think that you write a long content with full of information so that Google will rank higher then it won’t. Promotion is the key part of content marketing. You must have to promote it on social media networks like facebook, twitter, google plus, Pinterest etc to get social media traffic.

You can also promote existing content on sites like Hacker News, Reddit, Digg, Scoop. Getting upvotes can create valuable exposure that will send tons of traffic to your existing content.

For a minimal investment in social media, you can get serious exposure and traffic!

7. Guest Blogging

Guest post content marketing is high value, quality content you create specifically to publish on other people’s media entities to reach a broader audience. If you want to create high-quality backlinks then you have to submit content on guest posting sites. It will also help you in building domain authority of your blog.

8. Influencer marketing continues to grow

People trust recommendations from people they know when it comes to making critical purchase decisions i. They want expert opinions and follow them blindly and this one is a reality. This is why influencer marketing has been so effective over the few years. Content marketing and influencer marketing can work together to create new opportunities for businesses and can increase the chance of traffic also. If your content is not relevant and has not quality content then influencers wouldn’t be able to promote your business. The quality of your content dependant on launch an effective influencer marketing campaign.

In order to be successful on the internet in 2019, you need to create innovative and shareable qualified content. These 8 tips will definitely help you develop a highly successful content marketing strategy for your brand this year.