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How Artificial Intelligence Affects Digital Marketing in 2019?

SEO & Artificial Intelligence

We can say that 2018 was the year of Artificial Intelligence’s crazy year as the world has come a long way in terms of science and technology. Without “Artificial Intelligence”,  Life has become hard. It is a branch of computer engineering, designed to create machines that behave like humans and used in many aspects of life in the form of a smart device, chatbots, self-driving cars etc.

Future of AI in digital marketing has become very broad. When you heard about AI, SEO might not be the first thing that comes to mind. According to one survey of a digital marketing expert, artificial intelligence transforms the digital marketing landscape by 2020. It holds a huge potential in the field of digital marketing.

The Relationship between AI and Digital Marketing

AI holds exceptional future opportunities in the field of digital marketing. Whether it was a big data or Machine learning and Internet of Things, AI made its presence felt this year through its various process. AI changing the face of today’s digital landscape from Google’s RankBrain Algorithm and Voice Search ability to personalized Amazon recommendations.

AI enables helps you understand your audience better, improve user experience, increase productivity and ROI through targeted marketing. These factors provide a competitive edge to your digital marketing efforts. Here’s how you can use AI technology to drive relevant traffic, acquire new customers and increase sales. Here are the important areas where AI affects in digital marketing.

User Experience to a Greater Extent
A customer is king of any business and content is king of SEO. To attract customer you should focus on content marketing strategy. Artificial intelligence enables search engines as a ranking factor for user engagement. Based on the user’s interest,  customer searches, buying behavior, traffic search engine ranks your website. AI analyzed the data that search engine looking for ranking factor and gives the information what customer want from the brand. Thus AI will help to increase user’s engagement. Not only these factors but many more factors are a matter when it comes to rank your website in search engine.

To increase user’s experience pay attention to your site’s content. Make sure that the content you share is something that your users would found their answer about what they are looking for. An Analysis that how long customer or visitors spend their time on your blog page. Try to include quality backlinks which will be helpful to increase your page authority.

Chatbots are also another biggest user’s experience example.  They act as a virtual assistant for consumers whether you ask Alexa to play your favorite song or Siri to set an alarm. Chatbots, the form of AI, significantly reduce wait time when customer frequently asked questions. You can use chatbots for your customer to respond to their queries. It is the artificial intelligence which interacts with the customer to respond them immediately, without human staff who are generally costly to afford this job. Many users are unaware of what they are actually talking with a machine through the entire conversation. There are several AI chatbot programs that can help you engage with your customers in a better way.

In case, if a question is too complex for the bot to answer or uses language that clearly isn’t human, in that case, this strategy may backfire which leaving consumers feeling unsatisfied. But auto responds become more advanced like they provide 24*7 service which is not easy for a human and can response many questions from the different customer at the same time. So it is a great thing to apply on site. Chatbots are integrated into a huge bunch of platforms from messaging apps( Facebook Messenger, Skype etc) to professional tools.

Automatically  Generate Content

With Artificial Intelligence, using certain tools and programs can automatically generate content. Well, AI can’t write any news or blog post according to itself opinion. Nowadays there are specific areas where AI writes the content but in 2019, it can be possible that AI Can work all the areas and will create more than 20% of the business content. AI convert row data into well-written content in different formats. WordSmith, Articoolo, Article Forge are tools which help to create content.

Voice search and AI

The way people are searching is changed rapidly. In 2018, 60% of queries from consumer were the voice queries to find business information and almost half of them use voice search daily to find a local business. we can say that this growth is continuing in 2019 also. One benefit of voice search is also that illiterate people can easily search through voice search.

Technology has now advanced and thanks to AI-powered that virtual assistants are the growing proportion of searches that are spoken instead of typed. Innovations like Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana make it easy for users to perform searches by just pressing a button. Google’s algorithm RankBrain was created to get much more relevant search. Google’s algorithm can understand human speech with 95% accuracy.

The result of voice search will that the famous long tail keywords will be replaced with more conversational keywords and it is the time to think about it if you have not started yet to think about this.

Sales Forecasting

AI can help with nearly every step of marketing analysis, from predictive marketing to sales forecasting to determining ROI. In Forecasting sale, many attributes and variables exist, so forecasting of sales has become impossible, but artificial intelligence can do this easily. AI do this by using a various method like analysis of inbound communications. After then it interprets them to take actions according to the previous behaviors. A Human takes a long time to focus the probability of a conversion, but AI can do it fast as it filters the vast amounts of data.

Improve ROI

In terms of marketing, these actions can be to gain greater customer insights and find new and smart ways of grouping them for the next step to optimize their customer journey and make the customer more happy and profitable. In terms of marketing, these actions can be to gain greater customer insights and find new and smart ways of grouping them for the next step to optimize their customer journey and make the customer more happy and profitable. The usage of AI makes your organization more data-driven which in turn helps in providing a personal touch to your services.

Reaching the Right Audience

Finding the right person for your business is most important. AI helps find people on their focus, demographics like age, gender, interest, education, profession, and other aspects as it can easily analyze data. It helps to reach the right audience for your business. AI aware of the behavior of your audience and their decision making power.


There is no doubt to say that Artificial Intelligence has a great future. In today’s fast trends it is necessary to keep your finger on the pulse and updated with the latest trends. When it comes to digital marketing, AI took marketing into completely new heights. Using AI digital marketing strategies will help brands deliver improved customer experience and do more effective marketing. Last but not least,  AI surely carries the workload of human doing things much more faster and precise with accuracy.