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Top SEO Trends 2019 That You Need to Know

Top SEO Trends 2019

2019 & SEO

The SEO trends keep changing every year. Your online presence should always be updated about the latest SEO trend. A Webmaster who wants to keep rankings & traffic of a website is always looking for new ways to beat competitors, thus setting new SEO trends. It’s time to take an annual look at what’s ahead for SEO professionals in 2019.

Nowadays, finding a Dedicated SEO expert in Los Angeles is not easy. There is a number of digital marketing service providers is growing regularly. Finding a right becomes harder. To avoid this kind of mistakes we have gathered a list of the top 7 digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2019. The hottest SEO trends 2019 for the year ahead…

Key SEO Trends You Should Watch Out for

1. Mobile First Indexing

If you are looking to hire a digital marketer in India keep in mind that the right person focuses on mobile marketing as well. Nowadays, with the growing use of smartphones, there is no surprise to stats which says that 50% of the Google searches are made through mobile. Google also announced in their March 2018 announcement that they have started migrating sites that follow the best practices for mobile first indexing.

Mobile First Indexing SEO

The rolling out of mobile first index simply put, a website is now ranked based on the quality of UX they provide on mobile devices. Google recommends everyone to create a responsive website and produce high quality on every device. It doesn’t mean that Google does not crawl desktop version. It’s just that when Google figures out that you have a mobile-friendly website then it prefer to show your website higher than the website that is not mobile friendly.

If you have not yet optimized your website for mobile devices, do it by 2019 at the latest.  

2. Voice Search

This trend is with us for the whole 2018, It’s looking like that 2019 will have all hallmarks of being called the year of voice search. It is time for local business to take voice search seriously. Above 20% of the search queries on smartphones are made through voice as said by Google CEO Sundar Pichai. People using  Siri, Alexa, voice-activated home assistants like Google Home and other smart devices for searching an answer.

Thinking about optimizing for how people speak instead of how they talk. Companies should present information in the form of answering questions and they can solve users problems. To optimize for voice search, make sure to focus on conversational, long tail phrases that have greater chances to express a  searcher’s intent. Because of the increase voice search query day by day, we should focus on long tail keywords when optimizing content.

It is said that by 2020, 50% of all online traffic will be coming from spoken queries.

3. Influencer Marketing

Promote your product and services by partnering with popular social media users or bloggers via Influencer Marketing strategy. As social media’s use increasing, the term influencer has gained huge popularity recently and has been used heavily all over the globe by 2018.

Branding your product through Influencer as they have a large, engaged audience. All of them pretty much all of them use social media, so it’s only a matter of finding a way to get their approval of what you do. 99% of all influencers spend their time on Instagram.

So there is no surprise to say that in 2019 Influencer Marketing demand will be increased day by day.

4. Page Speed

People now want to be able to find answers to their questions as fast as possible. Over 50% of visitor expect your page to fully load within only 3 seconds, so there are no other options apart from joining the race. Apart from that, Google also announced page speed as a ranking factor. From July 2018, page speed is consider ranking factor for mobile devices also.

Google Pagespeed Insight, a tool that checks the performance of your webpage and evaluated your site on the basis of technical parameters. Google latest research says that the chance of bounce rate increases 32% when the page load time goes from 1s to 3s. 1s to 5s increases up to 90% and sites that take up time to 10s, the chance of bounce increases to 123%.

That is why it now needs to be worked for page load speed in the first place for 2019. Besides, there are nine ways for optimization score improvement confirmed by Google.

5. Quality & In-depth Content

“Content is king”, you have likely heard this phrase if you have spent time in the marketing world. It is true and it will continue to be for the upcoming year. The reason for is that people who come your site is looking for something that they have a search. The best and most valuable thing that you can give them is “content”. It gives them a reason to stay longer to your website longer and interact with your site.

Content may include text, images and videos. A Video is one of the things that today’s young people like to watch. Social media nowadays is all about live video. When it comes to SEO, a text is overall the most important.

However, website ranking on the first page of Google tend to have over 2000 words. But its not only enough to have a long content but also engaging content. Make a content marketing strategy for your website.

In 2019, heavy qualified content will be a must for those looking to succeed in SEO.

6. Blockchain

If you’ve heard about Bitcoin, then you most likely heard about Blockchain technology. Among the trends of SEO 2019, Blockchain is the most complex one to grasp for the users. It will impact SEO also. It can be programmed to record any type of data which will result in the decentralization of the internet making information to be public, safe and flexible.

With Blockchain
With the use of Blockchain, the user is able to make transactions without involving any type of middleman.

With Blockchain Technology SEOWithout Blockchain
Currently, the search engine acts as a middleman between the websites and advertisers, but with the introduction of the blockchain, you will no longer need a search engine for such a purpose.

Without Blockchain Technology SEO CryptocurrencyThe exact effect of blockchain is going to have on SEO is not clear yet, but the webmaster is already carrying out their experiments. We may see the result of their labor in 2019.

2019 will be the year of Voice Search and effective content marketing in the form of videos and long-term written content. We still have to keep an eye on influencer marketing, Amazon marketing. There is a few trends but big changes.

2019 will be an exciting year for the entire Digital Marketing Industry as many more updates are waiting for us.  To avoid losing a customer or even money you need to be aware of some important factors, whether you are a digital marketing service provider or just looking to hire a digital marketer USA.

To gather new customer, Use our list of top 6 digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2019. We hope you found these tips useful. So, keep checking the latest SEO trends and get the benefit of it in 2019.